HOME ABOUT BOOKS BLOG SERVICES CONTACT SEARCH … Creative Writing: Skill vs. Talent by Melissa Donovan | Dec 7, 2017 | Creative Writing | 34 comments skill vs talent What wins in a battle of skill vs. talent? Is effective and compelling creative writing borne of skill or talent? There has always been much debate about whether artistically inclined trades are a matter of learned skill or inherent talent. On the one hand, there is the belief that some are born with an active and imaginative right brain and are therefore better able to manifest creativity. On the other hand, some argue that creative skills can be learned and mastered. When it comes to creative writing, I believe that skill and talent work together. In fact, I would argue that almost every writer whose work is worth reading has some combination of both acquired writing skill and natural talent. Creative Writing: Developing Skills We are taught basic grammar and comprehensive writing in school, and each of us learns how to form a coherent sentence or paragraphs by applying these teachings. We must learn our letters, and there is no artistic talent required to memorize a set of symbols that represent sounds. Throughout our formative years, we are educated in language, including reading, writing, and comprehension

أحلام مستغانمي – حان لهذا القلب أن ينسحب — أنطولوجي

أخذنا موعداً في حيّ نتعرّف عليه لأوّل مرّة جلسنا حول طاولة مستطيلة لأوّل مرّة ألقينا نظرة على قائمة الأطباق ونظرة على قائمة المشروبات ودون أن نُلقي نظرة على بعضنا طلبنا بدل الشاي شيئاً من النسيان وكطبق أساسي كثيراً من الكذب. … وضعنا قليلاً من الثلج في كأس حُبنا وضعنا قليلاً من التهذيب في كلماتنا وضعنا […]

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